You can also drink milk drinks

"Yakiimo", which is familiar as a taste of autumn, is now available as a drink. "You can drink grilled food" will be on sale for a limited time from October 13th. Handling nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture.

You can also drink grilled food

"You can drink grilled potatoes" is a milk drink that makes you feel like you are drinking "baked potatoes" as it is. You can enjoy the warm sweetness and fragrance of "Yakiimo" and the richness of solid milk.

The package uses a container with a cap that can be recapped after opening. It is possible to take a little bit of "drinking", which is suitable for relaxing at work or at home.

Each bottle contains 450 ml, and the estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax). The calorie per 200 ml is 120 kcal.

I definitely want to drink the autumn taste "Yakiimo" that I usually eat, I want to enjoy my favorite "Yakiimo" with simple drinks, I like unexpected drinks, I just want to drink sweets and heal my tiredness Recommended drinks for people. It's only available until around December, so don't miss it if you like grilling.