"Trial set" where sweets from Ginza West arrive at home
Ginza West "Trial Set" (* All images are from the Ginza West official website)

A "trial set" will be on sale from October 1st, where you can receive sweets from the long-established pastry shop "Ginza West" at home. There will also be a campaign where you can get an original design "mask case" by using a mail-order site.

The selling price of the trial set is 1,200 yen (excluding tax and shipping). It was created as part of the "Ouchi Waist Campaign" developed by Ginza West. The contents are as follows.

・ 2 leaf pies ・ 1 heart Victoria ・ 1 butter cookie ・ 1 walnut ・ 1 soft tart

You can order from the Ginza West mail order site or toll-free number. Since it arrives by post mailing, some cracks may occur.

In addition to this, from October 1st, if you purchase a rose dry cake including a trial set for 900 yen or more (tax included, boxed not included) at each Ginza West store except the mail order site and Haneda store, snowflakes and waist logo You can receive the "2020 Slider Mask Case" that was incorporated into the design. Limited to 15,000, it will end as soon as it runs out.

Ginza waist original mask case
Ginza waist "2020 slider mask case"