Ringer Hut develops "Champon noodles for takeout"

At the Nagasaki Champon specialty store "Ringer Hut", newly developed take-out Champon noodles are used. Starting from October 1st, it will start at 73 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, and the number of target stores will be gradually expanded.

At Ringer Hut, we are focusing on take-out, such as devising containers and mobile orders so that you can enjoy the taste of the shop at home, and this time a new special noodle was made.

By making the noodles thicker than the regular champon noodles used in the in-store menu, it will be difficult to spread over time. In addition, the composition of the raw materials has been reviewed, and the hardness of the boiled noodles has increased by about 1.5 times, resulting in a long-lasting chewy texture.

You can order in the store and take it home while it is warm. As before, the noodles, soup, and ingredients are separated, so you can enjoy the crispy texture of the in-house noodles, while the noodles do not spread easily in the champon.

In addition, you can continue to use the mobile ordering service for takeout from smartphones, etc., and you can save waiting time in the store by ordering and making payments in advance. As of September 2020, 191 stores support mobile orders.