Big Boy "Shine Muscat Shine Parfait"

"Shine Muscat Shine Parfait" will be on sale from October 5th at the family restaurants "Big Boy" and "Victoria Station". As the name suggests, sweets made with the grape "Shine Muscat".

Shine Muscat, which has a high sugar content and can be eaten with the skin, is used luxuriously, and when exposed to light, Shine Muscat jelly shines like a jewel. You can enjoy the elegant sweetness and crisp texture of the fruit. It is also well-made with the moderate acidity and sweetness of grape sorbet with 50% or more juice, and the soft and smooth whipped cream. The vivid contrast of green and purple is refreshing to the eye.

Big Boy "Shine Muscat Shine Parfait"

Furthermore, as the last bite of "enjoyment", a whole grain of Shine Muscat is hidden in the jelly. You can enjoy the overflowing juice of Shine Muscat in your mouth.

There are also more affordable "Shine Muscat Shining Parfait Jr." where you can enjoy the taste and aroma of grapes, and "Shine Muscat & Grape Sherbet" where the refreshingness of Shine Muscat and grape sherbet is perfect after a meal.

All of them are menus that finish the meal refreshingly after enjoying hamburger steak and steak. The selling price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ Shine Muscat Shine Parfait 590 yen ・ Shine Muscat Shine Parfait Jr. 420 yen ・ Shine Muscat & Grape Sherbet 290 yen

Big Boy "Shine Muscat Shine Parfait"

Each will be sold at 300 stores nationwide. Sales are expected to end in early November.