Joyful "Kokushi Shokudo" Fair
Hokkaido scallops and Negitoro Tsukimi bowl

At each family restaurant "Joyful", the "Kokushi Shokudo" fair will be held from 15:00 on September 29th. Limited time until December 15th.

There are a total of 7 seasonal menu items, such as "Otsukimi-don" where you can feel autumn, a hot pot menu that is perfect for the coming season, and dessert using kinako.

"Hokkaido Scallops and Negitoro Tsukimi Don" is a seafood bowl that combines the sweet and sweet Hokkaido scallops with the popular Joyful "Negitoro". You can enjoy a different mellow taste by mixing the full moon-like egg yolk on the Negitoro with the Negitoro and rice with sweet soy sauce. The price is 799 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) with miso soup and pickles.

"Sukui Tofu Miso Jjigae" is a dish that matches smooth scooped tofu and pork with a spicy jjigae soup made from flavorful rice miso and doubanjiang. The single item price is 599 yen, and the set meal is 699 yen.

Joyful "Kokushi Shokudo" Fair
Scoop Tofu Miso Jjigae

"Sukiyaki pot" is the decisive factor in the deliciousness of the special warishita. The combination of kelp and bonito extract brings out the umami of beef and the sweetness of vegetables. The single item price is 659 yen, and the set meal is 759 yen.

Joyful "Kokushi Shokudo" Fair
Sukiyaki pot

In addition, there are desserts "Kuromitsu Kinako and Kurumi Mini Pafe" and "Caramel Kinako Japanese Style Sushi Plate" using "Kinako" which is perfect for autumn and "Kurumi" which is in season now. "Hot spicy beef hormone set meal" (9 / 29-ends as soon as it runs out) and "3 types of cheese premium hamburger & chicken nanban set meal" (ends as soon as it runs out from 11/3) will also be on sale.