Winter choco pie ice cream

From the "Winter Choco Pie" series sold every winter, "Winter Choco Pie Ice" will be released this year. It will be on sale from October 19th.

Winter choco pie ice cream

"Winter chocolate pie" is popular for its rich and rich chocolate that you can only meet in winter. You can also enjoy "winter choco pie ice cream" which became ice cream this year.

A chocolate cake that is moist and soft even under freezing, sandwiched with rich chocolate ice cream with a scent of cacao. Finished by coating with chocolate.

Chocolate is used for all cake dough, ice coating, and you can enjoy a rich chocolate feeling. It has a rich tailoring that is perfect for winter.

Product Details

Product Name: Winter Choco Pie Ice Release Date: October 19, 2020 Release Area: Nationwide Type Name: Ice Milk Contents: 50ml (1.69us fl oz)
Price: Suggested retail price 160 yen (excluding tax)

Also, on October 20th, "Winter Choco Pie [rich tailoring]" will be released. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release, it will be sold with a 10% increase.

Winter choco pie [rich tailoring]

Sand the rich cocoa cream with a cocoa scent on a moist cocoa cake and coat it with chocolate. You can enjoy a rich and rich chocolate feeling. The estimated price is 300 yen (excluding tax) for 6 pieces.