Bandai "Charadeco Christmas"

The Christmas cake "Charadeco Christmas" with the designs of the popular characters "Kamen Rider Saber", "Healin'Good Precure" and "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" will be available at mass retailers, convenience stores and confectionery stores nationwide from late September. It will be sold by reservation. In addition, "Sumikko Gurashi" Christmas cakes will be sold exclusively at Aeon.

A decoration Christmas cake with the motifs of popular characters Kamen Rider, Precure, Super Sentai, and Sumikko Gurashi. It comes in a cake box with a Christmas design of the character, which makes me happy the moment I receive it. The decoration cake is decorated with side films and picks that incorporate the character's world view, further enlivening the fun Christmas mood.

Bandai "Charadeco Christmas"
Healin'Good Precure

"Charadeco Christmas Kamen Rider Saber", "Charadeco Christmas Healin'Good Precure" and "Charadeco Christmas Mashin Sentai Kiramager" are all open prices. The size is about 15 cm in diameter (No. 5 size). Reservation acceptance will start from 13:00 on September 25th at the Charadeco SHOP of Bandai's official shopping site "Premium Bandai".

On the other hand, the estimated price of "Charadeco Christmas Sumikko Gurashi Cat" is 3,700 yen (excluding tax). The size is about 13 cm in diameter (No. 4 size). Available at Aeon Group stores such as "Aeon" and "Aeon Style" nationwide (excluding some areas such as Okinawa).

Bandai "Charadeco Christmas"
Charadeco Christmas Sumikko Gurashi Cat

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