Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Rich Shiochinsuko"

"Garigari-kun Rich Shiochinsuko" is now available from Akagi Nyugyo. It will be sold nationwide from September 29th. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Gari-Gari-kun Rich Shiochinsuko" is an ice bar with salted chinsuko-flavored popsicles and shaved ice with salted chinsuko-flavored cookies. This product was developed with the desire to make you feel as if you were on a trip to Okinawa in a self-restraint mood due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Okinawan salt is used for the ice cream and salted chinsuko-flavored cookies. The salted chinsuko-flavored cookie is finished by using lard to bring it closer to the flavor and texture of real chinsuko.

In addition, if you win, a campaign will be held where you can get an eco bag designed by Gari-gari.