KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

KALDI: 5 Autumn Snacks

We have compiled a list of KALDI Coffee Farm fall snack products that we actually enjoyed. The five selections include "Chestnut Baum" with whole chestnuts and "Apple Stick," a pulpy apple pie.

Chestnut Baum

KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

A baumkuchen with a round, manju-like shape. The moist dough is filled with whole chestnuts and marron cream. Rich in flavor, it is a must-have for chestnut lovers!

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life, chestnuts

KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

A sponge cake filled with custard cream with chopped chestnuts and chestnut paste. The texture of chopped chestnuts adds an accent to the gentle impression of the soft dough and melted custard.

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Patissier's apple stick

KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

This apple pie is a perfect size to enjoy the deliciousness of a generous portion of apples. The sweetness of the sugar and the stewed apples are light, allowing the sweetness and texture of the apples themselves to shine through.

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Anno sweet potato baumkuchen

KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

A whole baumkuchen made from "Anno sweet potatoes" grown on Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. The moistness of the dough and the flavor of Anno sweet potato match each other, and you can enjoy the "hot" flavor of biting into a hot baked sweet potato.

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Walnut and caramel cookies

KALDI Fall Snacks Summary

A caramel filling with walnuts is sandwiched between cookie tart dough. The cookies are soft and chewy, and the caramel filling is rich and bittersweet.

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