Re-Ment "Sumikkogurashi fluffy and fluffy ♪ Freshly made bakery"
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Re-Ment will release "Sumikkogurashi Fluffy Mochiri ♪ Yakitate Bakery" on October 12th. There are 8 types, and the price is 700 yen (excluding tax). The contents are random.

"Sumikkogurashi fluffy and fluffy ♪ Yakita bakery" is a miniature figure of Sumikkogurashi with the theme of "bakery". A cute character figure dressed as a baker or a sales staff, and a lot of big items such as a large stone oven and a workbench are included, so it is a fun product to play with and decorate. The bread manager's figure is here for the first time! The contents are a figure and a mini seat.

1. 1. Penguins? Discerning material
2. Cat is bread dough
3. 3. Large white bear type kamado!
Four. Freshly baked polar bear bread
Five. Minikko's cute baked goods
6. Lizard bread ♪
7. 7. Tonkatsu's recommended lunch bread
8. 8. Recommended bread from the bread manager!

Re-Ment "Sumikkogurashi fluffy and fluffy ♪ Freshly made bakery"

* All types of boxes with the sticker "All types of items are available" at the time of delivery are available.