Cow Cow Kitchen "Milk Pie Honey Lemon"

The seasonal "Milk Pie Honey Lemon" will be on sale on August 1st at the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cow Cow Kitchen. The price is 280 yen for 1 piece and 1,400 yen for 5 pieces (tax included). The stores are Equia Kitasenju store, Atre Akihabara 1 store, and LUMINE Omiya store.

"Milk pie honey lemon" is a seasonal flavor that combines a crispy pie baked in the store's oven with a honey lemon-flavored cream based on Hokkaido milk cream and wraps a refreshing lemon peel sauce. When you take a bite, the savory pie overflows with cream scented with acacia honey. The perfect taste for summer when you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of lemon.

◆ What is Cow Cow Kitchen?

A new format of the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, which is characterized by an "integrated workshop". The concept is a kitchen where you can enjoy freshly made food, and freshly made premium fresh sweets are offered.

"Milk pie" is a sweet made by filling a crispy pie baked in the in-store oven with a special milk cream that uses plenty of Hokkaido milk. The price is 270 yen (tax included).

Cow Cow Kitchen "Milk Pie"