Sukiya "Yokohama Ome Gyudon"

A new product "Yokohama Ome Gyudon" will be released on August 5th at each Gyudon chain "Sukiya" store. For the first time in Sukiya history, a menu that matches warm eggs with beef bowl.

Yokohama omelet beef bowl

"Yokohama Ome Gyudon" is a menu that arranges omelets in a Sukiya style. "Om", which is made by wrapping melty cheese and spinach in eggs, is combined with beef bowl.

Sukiya "Yokohama Ome Gyudon"

A well-balanced nutritional product that allows you to get protein from eggs and beef, and iron and vitamins from spinach. The fluffy texture of the egg and the thick cheese that stretches gently wraps the beef, and the texture of spinach adds an accent. You can enjoy a more Western-style taste by adding the attached ketchup.

The colorful appearance of yellow, green, and red is also unusual for a beef bowl. According to the developer, "While searching for a combination of beef bowl and warm egg dishes, I came to the fluffy egg I ate at the omelet rice shop."

The price is 520 yen (tax included). Scheduled to be sold at 1,943 stores nationwide. A product that also supports a Web reservation system that allows you to make advance reservations on the Web and receive them without waiting at the store.