Denny's Horo Deniset

At the family restaurant "Denny's", "Horo Deni Set", which is a set of alcohol and snacks, will be on sale. Limited time offer from August 1st to August 23rd.

Horo Deniset

A set of 1 cup of alcohol and 2 snacks to choose from. It is offered for 999 yen (excluding tax), which saves up to 436 yen. Previously, it was served with a glass of alcohol and one snack, but this time it was more satisfying with two snacks.

Denny's Horo Deniset

You can choose from the following 5 types of alcohol.

Draft beer (The Premium Malt's)
Kaku Highball Lemon Sour Raw Sangria Red Sangria White

You can choose one type of snack from each of the two groups A and B. In addition to the standard French fries, salads and fried foods, there is also a volume menu such as hamburger steak, roast beef and pork shabu-shabu.

Taramayo Potato Caesar Salad Sausage, French Fries Bacon and Spinach Prosciutto Ham Salad Prosciutto Ham Caesar Salad

Fried shrimp & grated pork cutlet hamburger roast beef pork shabu-shabu fried chicken