Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Kumamon-designed sweets from Fujiya!

Fujiya's "Country Ma'am," "Look," and "Milky" will have an autumn-like taste that uses ingredients from Kumamoto prefecture. Kumamon, which will be the 10th anniversary of its debut, will appear in the package. It will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores from August 11th.

The main contents and prices are as follows. All notations include tax.

Country ma'am

Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Country Ma'am (Kuma chestnut from Kumamoto prefecture)

"Country Ma'am (Kuma chestnut from Kumamoto prefecture)" is a country ma'am where you can enjoy a rich taste using Japanese chestnut "Kuma chestnut" from Hitoyoshi and Kuma area in Kumamoto prefecture. If you take it out of the individual wrapping and heat it in an oven toaster or microwave, you can enjoy the delicious taste like roasted chestnuts. It is a cute package in which Kumamon wearing a hat picks up chestnuts, and there are 7 types of individual wrapping with Kumamon pattern.

Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Contains Japanese chestnut "Kuma chestnut" from Hitoyoshi and Kuma area, Kumamoto prefecture

The estimated price is 324 yen for a size of 14 pieces. From August 25th, a mini size will be available for 108 yen.

Fujiya Nikumamon collaboration sweets
Mini size too!


Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Look (Kumamoto Prefecture Rihei chestnut & Beni Haruka)

"Look (Kumamoto Prefecture Rihei Kuri & Beni Haruka)" is a chocolate that you can eat and compare "Rihei Kuri" and "Kou Haruka", which are the special autumn tastes from Kumamoto Prefecture. There are grains with Rihei chestnut sauce and cream, which have a strong sweetness and aroma and a rich taste, and grains with Beniharu cream, which is moist and has a strong sweetness. It is a fun package of Kumamon with Kumamon designed not only on the surface but also on the inside of the box and the inner bag. The estimated price is 130 yen.

Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Kumamoto Prefecture Beni Haruka Flavor

Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Rihei chestnut flavor from Kumamoto prefecture


Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
Milky (Kumamoto Prefecture Rihei chestnut) bag

"Milky (Kumamoto Prefecture Rihei chestnut) bag" is a seasonal product that is made with Kumamoto prefecture Rihei chestnut paste to give it an autumnal taste. This is a limited edition package in which Peko-chan and Kumamon, who are dressed in autumn with chestnuts in their hands, stand side by side. The estimated price is 216 yen.

Fujiya Nikumamon designed sweets
With Rihei chestnut from Kumamoto prefecture!

In response to the heavy rain in southern Kumamoto Prefecture in July 2020, a part of the sales of sweets to be released this time will be donated to Kumamoto Prefecture. Donations will be used to support the affected areas through Kumamoto Prefecture.