Sukiya Stamina Festival

The "Stamina Festival" of garlic will be held from August 5th at each Gyudon chain store "Sukiya".

At the Stamina Festival, we sell products that use plenty of garlic, "Gyudon Triple Garlic MIX", "Curry Triple Garlic MIX", and "Unadon Triple Garlic MIX".

"Gyudon Triple Garlic MIX" is a combination of fried garlic and Sukiya's special garlic spice with the most popular garlic sprout bowl for a limited time. It is a product that you can fully enjoy garlic. The spiciness and fragrant taste of garlic spices based on chili peppers and fried garlic enhance the taste of garlic sprouts and garlic texture.

Sukiya Stamina Festival
Gyudon Triple Garlic MIX

The "Curry Triple Garlic MIX" with its spicy taste and the "Unadon Triple Garlic MIX" with double stamina ingredients will also add to the stamina festival.

Sukiya Stamina Festival
Curry triple garlic MIX

Sukiya Stamina Festival
Unadon Triple Garlic MIX

Also, if you order the above 3 items, you will get 3 breath care tablets. * Ends as soon as it runs out

The product prices are as follows. The price includes tax. Both are scheduled to be discontinued in early September.

Gyudon triple garlic MIX regular serving 580 yen Curry triple garlic MIX regular serving 720 yen Unadon triple garlic MIX regular serving 990 yen