Cafe Veloce "Peach Jure Annin"
Peach Jure Annin

At each Café Veloce store, a new sensational sweet "Peach Jure Annin" will be released on July 30th. The price is 420 yen (tax included).

The second "CRAFT SWEETS" that was born this summer and allows you to enjoy the "freshly made deliciousness". This series offers freshly made products that have been carefully prepared at the store, focusing on each material and texture.

"Peach Jure Annin" is a cool dessert made by layering peach juice with peach juice and sauce with mango pulp on smooth and smooth almond tofu. By using ingredients that are in season in summer, colorful beads, and glittering and transparent jelly, it is finished in a cool and colorful glass dessert.

Also, we are particular about the texture. The more you eat, the more texture you get, such as the "thick" almond tofu, the "petit-petit" beads, and the "crispy" nata de coco.

At the same time, "Coffee Jelly", which has been popular at Cafe Veloce for many years, will also be on sale. A glass dessert with plenty of soft serve ice cream. The price is 320 yen (tax included).

Both are on sale until September 30th.

Cafe Veloce "Coffee Jelly"
coffee jelly