"Wasa beef" flavored bread

The side dish bread "Wasa Beef Flavored Calvi Potato Bread", which is a collaboration between Daiichiya Bread (Daiichi Bread) and Yamayoshi Seika, will be released on August 1st. The taste of the popular snack "Wasa Beef" has been reproduced.

Speaking of wasa beef, potato chips have been popular for over 20 years since their release in 1987. It features a combination of rich beef flavor and wasabi flavor. Wasa beef flavor has been introduced in various foods such as rice balls and french fries for a long time, but this time it is bread.

Wasabi beef-flavored rib potato bread is a special dish made by wrapping wasabi-flavored rib potato filling in bread dough and baking it. The package is also inspired by Wasa Beef, and has an impactful design that incorporates the illustration of Wasa Beef's official character "Wasacchi".

By the way, the collaboration between Yamayoshi, who works on Wasa Beef, and Daiichi Bread has been for the second consecutive year. Since it was well received when it was released in 2019, it will be brushed up and re-appeared in 2020. Both companies have made trials and improvements to make it a self-confident work. At an open price, the sales areas are Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, and Shikoku.