"Orange Earl Gray Tea Chiffon Sandwich" supervised by Afternoon Tea at FamilyMart

At FamilyMart nationwide, the sweet "Orange Earl Gray Tea Chiffon Sandwich" supervised by "Afternoon Tea" will be released on August 4th. The price is 248 yen (tax included).

Summer sweets supervised by Afternoon Tea that enrich your tea time. "Orange Earl Gray Tea Chiffon Sand" was born from the desire to develop summer sweets that can be enjoyed like "fruit tea" by combining fruit and black tea.

A fluffy fruit tea chiffon dough made from Sri Lankan Earl Gray tea and combined with orange. This is combined with orange whipped cream, which is a blend of black tea-flavored custard cream and fresh cream made from high-quality raw milk from Hokkaido. The summery citrus sauce accentuates the refreshing flavor. It is also recommended to chill it like iced tea and eat it.

* The release date may vary depending on the region and store.