Beard Papa's "Pie Cream Puff (Custard)"

At each Beard Papa's store, a "voucher" that allows you to purchase "pie cream puff (custard)" for 100 yen each as a "Great Thanksgiving Day" will be on sale for 7 days from August 2nd to August 8th.

This "Beard Papa's Great Thanksgiving Day" will be held in a new form (complete reservation system) with the aim of preventing the occurrence of "three dense" due to the conventional one-day limited event. When you purchase a voucher, Beard Papa's classic popular product "Pie Puff Cream (Custard)" will be sold at a special price of 100 yen (tax included, same below) (usually 170 yen per piece).

Beard Papa's voucher

During the period from August 2nd to 8th, vouchers sold at stores can be purchased by choosing one or two sets of "Pie cream puff (custard) 6 pieces 600 yen". Enter the redemption date and time after August 9 on the ticket and check out. The number of vouchers sold and the voucher period vary depending on the store.

Beard Daddy: Great Thanksgiving with advance reservations