New menu "Plenty of mentaiko pasta" in "Fukutake"

"Hakata Kanefuku Fukutake (Tokyo Station)", a menta restaurant run by Kanefuku, sells "Plenty of mentaiko pasta" featuring a surprisingly large amount of mentaiko. The price is 1,250 yen (tax included). The set includes mentaiko pasta, baguette, and salad (using Kanefuku menta dressing).

While the inconvenient life such as going out and refraining from eating out continues, we want you to eat "delicious food" as much as possible and become "energetic and smiling", a menu aiming for "ultimate mentaiko pasta" as a specialized mentaiko maker "Too much mentaiko pasta". Plenty of "mentaiko" is entwined with pasta, and it is the ultimate gem that can not be eaten anywhere else.

There is plenty of "spicy cod roe" using rare domestic (Hokkaido) eggs, and the feeling of crushing is outstanding. Put the mentaiko left on the plate too much and put it in a bucket to make "Instant Mentai France"! It has a mellow taste with butter and cream, so even people who are not good at spicy foods can enjoy it with confidence.

"Hakata Kanefuku Fukutake (Tokyo Station)" is great for mentaiko lovers. Check it out!
Hakata Kanefuku Fukutake (Tokyo Station store)
Address:1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo