From "Summer Kanten" Funabashiya

At Funabashiya and Funabashiya Koyomi stores, "Summer Kanten" will be on sale from August 2nd for a limited period of about one month. The sale period is until August 31st. The selling price is 540 yen (excluding tax).

Fresh fruit that you will want to eat in early summer. In summer, there are plenty of pineapples, mangoes, kiwis and fruits, including "Amanatsu", which is irresistible for sweet and sour taste! You can enjoy it refreshingly by sprinkling white honey on tangerine agar and plenty of fruits.

By adding mandarin orange juice to the agar, it is easy to eat even for children and people who do not usually eat agar, and it is finished in a cute looking mandarin orange agar. Excellent compatibility with molasses. Also, on top of the orange agar, summer oranges, yellow peaches, white peaches, kiwis are topped with cherries and five kinds of fruits. It is a perfect summer dish that you can enjoy refreshingly with white honey.