FamilyMart Green Curry

A new product "Green Curry Made in Thailand" was released on July 28th at each FamilyMart store. Handled at approximately 16,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide.

A retort pouch that you can enjoy the authentic aroma and taste made in Thailand, the home of green curry. Using lemongrass and sweet basil, it is finished with a rich fragrance. In addition, we use ingredients that are difficult to obtain in Japan, such as leaves and skins of kaffir lime, and seeds and roots of coriander. "Kapi" (shrimp paste) is added to the decisive factor of the taste. We put a lot of attention into it because it is made at home.

In the cooking process, coconut milk is boiled down to bring out the unique flavor and sweetness, and add depth. The ingredients have been carefully prepared to create a gentle green color that makes the most of the original colors of herbs and coconut milk. It is said that it is a recommended product that was recognized as "delicious" by the employees of the Thai factory that manufactures it.

FamilyMart Green Curry

It will be a product of Famima's private brand "Mom's Cafeteria Premium" series. Keep refrigerated. The main unit price is 369 yen, and 398 yen including tax.