Ministop "Frozen Yogurt Pineapple"

From the original product "Frozen Yogurt" that has been loved for 40 years since the founding of MINISTOP, the limited flavor "Frozen Yogurt Pineapple" will be released on July 28th. The price is 149 yen (excluding tax).

"Frozen yogurt" is lined up in the ice cream section in the frozen temperature range at the store, but strictly speaking, it is a category of fermented milk (yogurt containing live bacteria), so it is not found in ordinary ice cream. The feature is that there is an "expiration date". As with yogurt, production and control are strictly carried out, and because it is fermented milk, you can enjoy the original rich and refreshing feeling of yogurt. The classic frozen yogurt is sold year-round as a long-selling product.

"Ministop Frozen Yogurt Pineapple" is a limited flavor of frozen yogurt that is characterized by a refreshing taste containing live lactic acid bacteria. Compared to the pineapple flavor released two years ago, the juice and flesh ratio has been increased by 40%, making it possible to enjoy the fresh fruitiness of pine and the juicy flesh taste.