Chun Shui Tang "Strawberry Kakigori Douhua" Summer Only

From the Taiwanese cafe "Chun Shui Tang", "Strawberry Kakigori Douhua" will be released on August 1st, where you can enjoy Taiwanese healthy sweets "Douhua" and shaved ice with plenty of sweet and sour strawberry sauce. The price is 700 yen. Limited time until early September. An original product of Chun Shui Tang Japan.

The new product "Strawberry Kakigori Douhua", which is sold only in the summer from Chun Shui Tang, is a menu featuring the healthy sweets "Douhua", which is indispensable in Taiwan. Without using any sugar, the tofu is topped with shaved ice and strawberries, and is finished with a generous amount of strawberry sauce.

Strawberry sauce is a dish that is refreshingly finished with lemon by adding strawberry pulp and jasmine tea to the base of additive-free millet sugar syrup made in the store. You can enjoy the mellow bean flowers, sweet and sour strawberries and the sourness of lemons even in the hot summer.

The stores are as follows.

Daikanyama store, Omotesando store, Roppongi store, Iidabashi Sakura Terrace store, Venus Fort store, Tokyo Dome City La Coeur store, Ginza store, Lumine Omiya store, Yokohama Porta store, Yokohama Bayside store, Grand Front Osaka store, Nishinomiya Gardens store, Kyoto Kiya Machi store, Tenjin underground shopping center store, Amu Plaza Hakata store, ekie Hiroshima store

* Not sold at Shibuya Mark City store and LUMINE EST Shinjuku store