KKD "Polar Bear Custard"
A cool polar bear donut!

At each Krispy Kreme Donut (KKD) store, the perfect summer donuts "Polar Bear Custard" and "Strawberry Swim Ring" will be on sale for a limited time from August 5th (excluding some stores).

"Polar bear custard" is a donut with a cool and cool image of a polar bear as a motif. The surface of the fluffy dough is coated with milky white chocolate, and the inside is filled with custard cream using Hokkaido milk. The polar bear's ears are reproduced with white chocolate, and the eyes, nose and mouth are reproduced with bitter chocolate. You can enjoy the gentle taste of white chocolate and custard. The price is 240 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

KKD "Polar Bear Custard"
Polar bear custard

"Strawberry Swim Ring" is a donut made by coating a fluffy ring donut with white chocolate and drawing a floating ring pattern with a juicy strawberry napage. A summer-only donut with a colorful red and white summer design and a refreshing sweetness. The price is 220 yen.

KKD "Strawberry Swim Ring"
Strawberry swim ring

In addition, the popular "mini donut" has also appeared with a summer-like motif. A total of 5 types of donuts are included, including a "smile donut" in sunglasses tanned with caramel chocolate, a floating ring with a striped pattern of white chocolate on mango chocolate, and a floating ring with sweet and sour strawberry napage. It is sold as a set of 420 yen), 10 pieces (1,210 yen), and 20 pieces (2,000 yen). Recommended as a souvenir.

KKD 20 pieces mini donut
20 pieces of "mini box"