"TOKYO Tulip Rose" first landed in Shinagawa

Too cute sweets brand "TOKYO Tulip Rose" will open a limited-time pop-up store at JR Shinagawa Station Ecute Shinagawa for the first time from August 3rd to August 16th.

The popular sweets brand "TOKYO Tulip Rose", which opened its grand opening in Ikebukuro and Tokyo Station in 2019 and sold 500,000 units in a month, is making its debut in Shinagawa! The brand concept is "Enjoy cute tulips and roses with authentic taste!" You can fully enjoy the world of young chef Masahito Kanai, who has honed his skills in Paris, in a fashionable style.

The sweets that are too cute in the store are like "Sweets Garden". Tulips and roses that make you feel gorgeous at a glance are a special reward for yourself, a surprise gift for your friends, and a happy gift for those who want to make them smile!

The most popular masterpiece, " Tulip Rose, " is a delicate langue de chat cookie-crafted tulip with a melting whipped chocolate rose in bloom. It is a masterpiece of Rihito Kanai, who is the most beloved of the brand. A set of 3 flavors: sweet and sour "berry", deep "caramel nut", and refreshing "passion mango". Prices start at 793 yen for 4 pieces.