Phantom Hi-Chew reproduction "School lunch Hi-Chew" crane game machine

"School lunch Hi-Chew", a phantom flavor of the long-selling sweet "Hi-Chew", will appear on the crane game machine of the amusement facility "namco" nationwide from July 23.

"School lunch Hi-Chew" is a not-for-sale Hi-Chew that was presented to 100 people in the Morinaga & Co. campaign in 2018. Hi-Chew that reproduces the popular "fried bread" and the classic "milk" as a menu for school lunch, and you can enjoy both nostalgia and newness at the same time. This phantom Hi-Chew will be available exclusively at Namco stores.

"School lunch Hi-Chew" with an attractive flavor that you can't imagine. Why don't you try it when you see it!