212 Kitchen Store "Minion" Kitchen Goods

At 212 kitchen stores nationwide, "Minion" kitchen goods using original drawn art will be on sale on August 4th (excluding some stores). It will be available at the official online shop from the same day.

Popular characters from the animated movie "Despicable Me" series "Minions" collaborate with 212 Kitchen Store. You can enjoy various expressions of minions that appear in tea party scenes and comics. In addition to kitchen goods, we have a wide lineup of lunch items and kids' items.

212 Minion original drawing art of kitchen store

The lineup is as follows. Price does not include tax.

Gelcool Lunch Box S 1,400 yen
Gelcool Lunch Box M 2,000 yen Combination set 850 yen Lunch tapper 3P 1,100 yen Lunch purse 1,100 yen

212 Kitchen Store "Minion" Kitchen Goods

Container lunch box 1,500 yen

212 Kitchen Store "Minion Container Lunch Box"

Stainless steel bottle 1,900 yen (scheduled to be released in late August)

212 Kitchen Store "Minion Stainless Bottle"

Range stocker M 1,200 yen Range stocker L 1,500 yen Cutting board 1,500 yen Wooden spatula 880 yen Vegetable chopsticks 600 yen Kayafukin 650 yen

212 Kitchen Store "Minion" Kitchen Goods

Kids lunch plate 950 yen Kids bowl 450 yen Kids mug 600 yen Kids lunch box 1,400 yen Kids one push bottle 1,400 yen Kids trio set 1,300 yen

212 Kitchen Store "Minion" Kitchen Goods

Cold storage tote bag 3,300 yen Cold storage lunch bag 2,500 yen

212 Kitchen store "minion" ice pack

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