Tenya "Oedo Tendon (with soft-boiled egg)"
Oedo Tendon (with soft-boiled egg)

At each Tenya store, the summer specialty Tendon "Oedo Tendon" will be released on July 28 (excluding some stores). The price is 820 yen (tax included, same below). Limited time until September 30th.

"Oedo Tendon" is a popular summer every year, with plump "live conger eel", plump "shrimp", thick and sweet "big squid", and "ingen" that adds color. The famous Tendon. In addition, "Oedo Tendon (with soft-boiled egg)" (880 yen) allows you to enjoy the harmony of freshly fried tempura that has been passed through a sweet and spicy sauce and the mellow soft-boiled egg.

As a great value set for Oedo Tendon, a smooth and refreshing "small soba (or small udon) service set" and "chilled tororo small soba set" are also available.

Tenya, a great set of Oedo Tendon
Oedo Tendon Cold Tororo Small Soba Set

In addition, five types of domestic summer vegetables and summer fish tempura, which allow you to enjoy the summer of Japan, are now available in the "Why don't you enjoy the season?" Series, where you can enjoy seasonal tempura separately. Kochi's "Myoga" with a bright crimson color, Kochi / Nagano / Gunma's "Rice eggplant" with a fresh taste, Kyoto vegetable "Fushimi chili" with a refreshing flavor and sweetness, Oita "Hiramasa" with an elegant taste , Toyama's "Firefly Squid" will be prepared on the outside and moist on the inside.

Tenya "Why don't you put the season?" Series