Matsunoya "Fried white meat set meal"

At the Tonkatsu specialty store "Matsunoya Matsunoya", the "white fried assorted set meal" will be on sale from 3:00 pm on July 22nd.

Matsunoya's "Fried White Meat" is a menu that goes well with tartar sauce, with crispy batter and plump fried meat. "Roast and white fried set meal" with aged pork and fried meat with condensed umami, "Seafood platter set meal" where you can taste the taste of juicy and milky fried oysters the moment you eat it with fried shrimp with a crispy texture A large-sized fillet with a moist and soft texture, "Large-sized fillet & fried white meat set meal" is available.

In addition, to commemorate the release, only if you order these menus, you will receive a free service of "Large Rice" during the sales period.

The lineup is as follows (all prices include tax).

Loin and white fried set meal (with rice and miso soup) (1 sheet) 700 yen (2 sheets) 850 yen Seafood platter set meal (with rice and miso soup) 900 yen Large-sized fillet and white fried set meal (with rice and miso soup) (1) Sheets) 950 yen (2 sheets) 1,100 yen Fried white meat (single item) 180 yen

* Can be taken home. In that case, miso soup will not be applied