Pokemon Cafe Mix Menu

At "Pokemon Cafe" in Tokyo and Osaka, a menu that reproduces the dishes of "Pokemon Cafe Mix" will be on sale. Offer for a limited time from August 8th to November 23rd.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game with the concept of cooking and drinking with Pokemon and entertaining customers. You can play it for free on your smartphone (tablet) or Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Lite).

This time, the menu that appears in this game is realistically reproduced. Part of the lineup is as follows. The price includes tax.

Scorched caramel sundae of Vulpix 1,298 yen [br /] A sundae that combines charred caramel, gateau chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and fruits.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Himenka's salad plate 1,848 yen [br /] One plate with plenty of vegetables such as salad and soup.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Sneasel's colorful pickle burger 1,848 yen [br /] Tartar, teriyaki chicken, and cheddar cheese burger are the protagonists! Serve with salad, pickles and potatoes.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

You can also order a special menu by advancing the game and showing the list to the staff. If you clear up to order 21, you can order "Mimiroll's Nutty Frappe", and if you clear up to order 31, you can order "One Pachi Hide and Seek Bolognese". * Paid