Sushiro "W Stamina Festival"

At each Sushiro store, the "W Stamina Festival" will be held from July 22nd, where "super-large eels" and meat sushi made with "brand beef" will appear.

"Super-large eel" is a dish that is baked in white using charcoal fire and then added with a special sauce to give it a soft and fragrant texture. In addition, "Unagi-maki", where you can enjoy the umami of eel and the crispness of cucumber at the same time, and "Umaki-nigiri", which is a fluffy savory eel wrapped in soup stock, are also offered.

Sushiro "W Stamina Festival"
Super oversized eel

"Kobe beef nigiri," "Matsusaka beef nigiri," and "Omi beef nigiri" are made from roast beef from each brand, making them a high-quality, smooth-tasting dish. In addition, "Grilled Beef Tan Lemon" was born from the idea recipe of Sushiro employees and was popular in the past. In addition, the popular roll-type sushi "Hirekatsu Roll" and "Crispy Chicken" using juicy chicken are also available.

Sushiro "W Stamina Festival"
Matsusaka beef rice ball

Sushiro "W Stamina Festival"
Grilled beef tongue lemon

The side menu includes "Beef Shabu-Shabu Salad" using Awaji onion dressing and "Meat Udon" which is a combination of umami-rich meat and chewy noodles.

The product list of W Stamina Festival is as follows.

Kobe beef nigiri 300 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
Matsusaka beef nigiri 300 yen Omi beef nigiri 300 yen Grilled beef tongue lemon 150 yen Fillet roll 100 yen Crispy chicken 100 yen Extra large eel 300 yen Unakyu roll 150 yen Umaki nigiri 100 yen Meat udon 280 yen Beef grilled shabu-shabu salad 280 Circle

* Items and prices may differ at some stores. Also, it will not be sold at Sushiro Konomi.