Life's "ramen soup"

I actually tried and compared 4 private brand products "Ramen Soup" from the supermarket "Life"! The purchase price is 69 yen per bag (excluding tax).

A convenient ramen soup that can be used once. We have a rich lineup of "Shoyu ramen soup" with the umami of chicken gala, "Miso ramen soup" with the umami of flavored vegetables, "Shio ramen soup" that goes well with vegetables, and "Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen soup" that is creamy and rich.

Life's PB Ramen Soup

Similarly, Life's private brand also sells small noodles, seasoned eggs, and menma, so I made ramen with these. It's easy to make, just put the soup base on a plate, pour hot water to melt it, and add noodles and ingredients.

Life private brand products

· Soy-sauce Ramen
A deep taste that slowly spreads the richness and umami of chicken gala. More authentic and delicious than expected! It is a soup that is familiar to adults and children and makes you want to drink until the last drop. I feel that the fat is more firmly felt than the powdered one.

Life's PB "Shoyu Ramen Soup"

Life's PB "Shoyu Ramen Soup"

· Miso Ramen
A soup with the richness of miso and a soft thickening. It has a slightly strong taste. The soup itself is delicious, so when you finish eating the noodles, you may enjoy it with rice!

Life's PB "Miso Ramen Soup"

・ Salt ramen
Light and refreshing, yet rich! It has a lighter taste than other soups. It goes well with vegetables and you'll want to add plenty! You can enjoy it as a soup with lots of ingredients without noodles.

Life's PB "Shio Ramen Soup"

・ Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen
The mellow and thick tonkotsu soy sauce is recommended when you want to eat it tightly. The rich taste will satisfy your "desire to eat ramen". This is also a finish that makes you want to eat rice!

Life's PB "Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Soup"

Affordable price of 69 yen per bag, compact. A ramen soup with a life that seems to be useful if you buy it. If you really want to eat ramen while you are on a diet, you should add "low-carbohydrate noodles" ♪ By the way, my recommendation is the royal road "Shoyu ramen soup". Please give it a try!

Life's private brand ramen soup