Craft beer "Himeneko Beer" with less bitterness

The online sales site "NOTOteMA" sells "Himeneko Beer", a refreshing craft beer with less bitterness that is easy for people who are not good at beer and women to drink. "Himeneko beer 3 bottles set" is 2,000 yen, "Himeneko beer 6 bottles set" is 4,000 yen (both including tax). Alcohol 5%.

"Himeneko Beer" is a craft beer with the mascot "Himeneko" printed on the label. In the land of Kanazawa surrounded by clear streams and greenery, it was commercialized after being developed over a year while incorporating the opinions of women.

Authentic school with a refreshing and vivid scent. It features a refreshing taste of hops that comes when you put it in your mouth. You can enjoy fruity and gorgeous fragrance with less bitterness. It's soothing and easy to drink, so it's a beer that you can drink as many as you like.

The brewery is "Kanazawa Beer". Despite being a small-scale brewery, Kanazawa Beer is like a crystal ball with no cloudiness, produced by a carefully selected manufacturing process, including brewer's yeast that is newly launched each time by self-culturing. In addition to its rich aroma and deep taste, the packaging that makes you feel the Kanazawa brand makes you feel Kanazawa with all five senses.