Seven-Eleven "Pierre Hermé Signature Cupcake Mango"
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Introducing new arrival sweets that will be sold sequentially from July 21st at each Seven-Eleven store. Here are 6 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Pierre Hermé Signature Eclair Mango Caramel [br /] Sweets with sweet and sour mango pulp and sauce, and bittersweet caramel cream in a crisp eclair skin. The price is 300 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Seven-Eleven "Pierre Hermé Signature Eclair Mango Caramel"

・ Pierre Hermé Signature Cupcake Mango [br /] Sweet and sour mango pulp made with dice, mousse, and jelly, and layered on a smooth creme brulee layer. The price is 320 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Pierre Hermé Signature Cupcake Mango"

・ Pancake Dorayaki 3 kinds of fruits & cream [br /] Cream and 3 kinds of fruits are sandwiched with dorayaki dough with a fluffy texture like pancakes. The price is 218 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Pancake Dora 3 Kinds of Fruits & Cream"

・ Refreshing summer punch of the sun and the sea [br /] A two-layer fruit punch jelly that combines blue ramune-style jelly and sweet and sour jelly with honey and lemon. The price is 278 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Refreshing Summer Punch of the Sun and the Sea"

・ 7 Premium Chocolate Bar Mint with raw chocolate [br /] An ice bar with rich raw chocolate in a refreshing mint ice cream with chocolate chips and coated with chocolate. The price is 168 yen.

7 Premium Chocolate Bar Mint with Raw Chocolate

・ 7 Premium Mango Favorite polar bear [br /] Mango flesh is placed on the mango shaved ice, and it looks gorgeous. The price is 300 yen.

7 Premium Mango Favorite polar bear