Comma tea "rich chocolate banana frappe" for a limited time

Comma tea will release "rich chocolate banana frappe" for a limited time from today (July 20th). Only ice cream, the price is 580 yen for S size and 630 yen for R size (both tax excluded). It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Rich chocolate banana frappe" is a menu developed with the image of chocolate bananas lined up in summer festivals. Homemade milk foam on top of the crispy chocolate banana frappe. The finish is topped with chocolate syrup and colorful chocolate spray. Using fresh bananas, we are particular about the original taste of bananas, and added the gentle sweetness of chocolate syrup and rich brown sugar.

Additional tapioca toppings are possible (plus 70 to 140 yen). Supports up to double toppings. This is a limited-time menu that both adults and children can enjoy as a drink that makes you want to drink in the hot summer.