Kentucky Fried Chicken "Dip Barrel"

"Dip Barrel" will be released on July 22nd at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide. Limited quantity, sales will end as soon as it runs out.

"Dip barrel" is a set in a barrel-shaped pack with 3 types of dip sauce. You can enjoy "original chicken" and popular side menus with various flavors. Two types are available: the hearty "Chicken Barrel" with plenty of popular chicken menu, and the "Sand Barrel" with a wide variety of sandwiches and chicken.

There are three types of dip sauce: "cheese," "barbecue," and "mustard." "Cheese" is a rich and mellow cheddar cheese-flavored cheese sauce. "Barbecue" is a smoke-flavored barbecue sauce. Finished with a refreshing flavor with less sweetness. "Mustard" uses two types of mustard. It is a mustard sauce with a good balance of sweetness and acidity. We will also sell a "dip sauce 3 type set" that is a set of these 3 types of dip sauce.

Product Summary

Chicken barrel 2,800 yen
4 pieces of original chicken, 4 pieces of kernel crispy, 10 pieces of nugget, 2 pieces of boneless Kentucky, 2 pieces of potato L, 3 kinds of dip sauce set

Sand barrel 2,800 yen
2 chicken fillet sandwiches, 2 original chicken pieces, 10 nuggets, 2 boneless Kentucky pieces, 2 potatoes, 3 dip sauces
* "Chicken fillet sandwich" can be changed to "Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich"

Dip sauce 3 types set 210 yen
* 180 yen if purchased together with a set, box, or pack

The price includes tax. Some stores do not sell.