Started nationwide delivery service development of the delivery hall "Bikkuri Donkey"

The delivery service "Delivery Hall" has started the nationwide delivery service of "Bikkuri Donkey" from July 17th. Some stores are not covered.

"Delivery Hall" is a delivery service that allows you to order food from your smartphone or PC when you eat at home or in the office. From many genres of delivery service stores such as lunch boxes, Chinese food, curry, hamburgers, Western food, Japanese food, ethnic food, pizza, sushi, desserts, sake, online supermarkets, etc. By looking at the information, you can place an order with special benefits, and it takes a minimum of 20 minutes from ordering to delivery.

"Bikkuri Donkey" is a popular hamburger restaurant chain store where you can enjoy authentic hamburger steak. With 331 stores nationwide, we serve original hamburger steak using carefully selected ingredients with strict safety standards. From May 29, 2020, we started the delivery service at the "Delivery Hall" at 9 stores in Hokkaido, and since we were able to confirm the favorable results, we are now starting to expand nationwide.

In this development, not only the signboard menu "Regular hamburger steak", which is already being offered as a delivery menu, but also the popular side menu and drink menu will be added to "Bikkuri Donkey". "Bikkuri French Fries" with a crispy outside and creamy texture inside, and "Donkey Organic Beer [Raw]" brewed by the traditional German method are on sale.