Godiva's "Chocolixer GOLDEN" and "Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN"

"Chocolixer GOLDEN" and "Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN" with gold leaf are on sale from July 17th at Godiva shops and Godiva specialty stores in famous department stores nationwide. Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

As the second installment of Godiva's "Chocolatier 15th Anniversary" project, Godiva's popular chocolate drink "Chocolixer" has released a new series that is more luxurious than ever. "Chocolixer GOLDEN" is a luxurious dish topped with gold leaf that is large enough to stick out of the Chocolixer cup. You can enjoy the gorgeous appearance and the deep taste of chocolate drinks.

Godiva's "Chocolixer GOLDEN"

You can choose from four flavors: "white chocolate 27% & vanilla", "milk chocolate 31%", "dark chocolate 72%", and "dark chocolate 85%". The price is 834 yen for 270 ml and 940 yen (excluding tax) for 350 ml (L size).

"Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN" is a special dish of Godiva's chocolate soft serve ice cream wrapped in gold leaf. The impact of appearance and the collaboration of Godiva's rich chocolate invites you to feel rich. Topped with crispy almonds and chocolate sauce.

Godiva's "soft serve ice cream GOLDEN"

There are three flavors: "double chocolate corn", "white chocolate vanilla corn", and "mixed chocolate corn". The price is 694 yen (excluding tax).