Cafe Comsa "Shimane Prefecture Grape" Shine Muscat "Cake"

From "Cafe Comsa", which proposes cakes full of artistic feeling that you can feel the four seasons of Japan, using delicious seasonal fruits carefully selected from production areas and farms all over Japan, for a limited time "Shimane grape" Shine Muscat "cake Will be sold only at stores. The Ginza store is open from July 23rd to August 26th. Other stores will open from August 1st to August 26th.

"Shimane Prefecture's Shine Muscat Cake" is a mascarpone base decorated with plenty of "Shine Muscat" from the producer who won the Shine Muscat Fair in Shimane Prefecture. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and aroma that fills your mouth.

The price is 1,900 yen for one piece at the Commeca Stage Ginza store, 19,000 yen for one hall, and 1,400 yen for one piece except for the Ginza store (all including tax).

The stores that offer it are as follows.

Commeca Stage Ginza Store / Chiba Sogo Store / Shisui Premium Outlets Store / Morioka Kawatoku Store / Utsunomiya FKD Interpark Store / Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Store / Moriguchi Keihan Store / Hiroshima Fukuya Hatchobori Store / Ogura Izutsuya Store