"Charlotte cake (milk chocolate)" at Lawson Store 100

Introducing new products that will be sold at Lawson Store 100 in the second half of July. The tax-included price is 108 yen each (excluding some products).

◆ Released on July 22

・ VL hamburger donut (wasabi tartar sauce)
A donut with a hamburger steak in it. The spicy wasabi tartar sauce made from Azumino wasabi is an accent.

Lawson Store 100 "VL Hamburger Donut (Wasabi Tartar Sauce)"

・ VL salt butter melon bread (using Lorraine rock salt)
Melon bread using mellow and tasty French Lorraine rock salt. The aroma of butter and the saltiness of Lorraine rock salt give it a summery taste.

Lawson Store 100 "VL salt butter melon bread (using Lorraine rock salt)"

・ Nostalgic mandarin oranges [br /] A nostalgic koppe-pan topped with sweet and sour oranges and fresh cream. It is also recommended for snacks. The price is 162 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "Nostalgic Mandarin Orange Coppe"

・ Charlotte cake (milk chocolate)
A sweet made by wrapping a sponge cake wrapped with milk cream and chocolate cream in a charlotte cake with a softer and lighter texture. You can enjoy it more deliciously when cooled.

"Charlotte cake (milk chocolate)" at Lawson Store 100

◆ Released on July 29

・ VL Fragrant cheese bun [br /] Cheese-filled bread that is finished so that you can fully enjoy cheese. Grated cheese is dipped in the dough, and Camembert-containing cheese cream is squeezed and baked fragrantly.

Lawson Store 100 "VL Fragrant Cheese Bread"

・ VL Tearable honey bread [br /] Bread that can be torn into 6 pieces by hand. Honey is kneaded and baked softly.

Lawson Store 100 "VL Tearable Honey Bread"

・ BLT (whole grain) sandwich [br /] A sandwich using whole grain bread. Bacon, lettuce and tomato are combined and seasoned with a refreshing Caesar sauce so that it is easy to eat even in the summer. The price is 270 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "BLT (Whole Grain) Sandwich"

・ Tapioca milk tea-style mousse [br /] Sweets inspired by the popular tapioca milk tea. Milk tea-style mousse with a mellow black tea scent and chewy tapioca go great together.

"Tapioca milk tea style mousse" from Lawson Store 100

・ Oyster rice balls (chijimi style)
Kakiage rice balls with the image of "chijimi" seasoned with sweet and spicy gochujang.

Lawson Store 100 "Kakiage Onigiri (Chijimi Style)"