Shofukumon "[Translation Ali] Dim Sum Set"

A product that is not normally sold, "[Translation Ali] Dim Sum Set," is on sale at the official online shop from "Shofukumon" in Yokohama Chinatown.

This is a set of "translational" dim sum such as torn skin, cracks, various sizes, and shape loss. There is no problem with taste and quality. In the process of making dim sum, some cracks and holes are inevitably formed on the skin, and some are not well-shaped, but the taste and quality are the same as the genuine products. This product was released with the hope that you will enjoy it at an affordable price.

Contains 40 petit meat buns, 15 grilled dumplings, 40 dumplings, 95 in total. The regular price of about 12,700 yen is now 66% off at 4,298 yen (tax included). shipping fee is free. Like the regular product, it has a best-by date of 30 days when stored frozen.

Shofukumon "[Translation Ali] Dim Sum Set"

Since it has a large capacity, it is recommended to divide it into small pieces instead of all at once and add various arrangements to eat. For example, put the roasted dumplings in your favorite hot pot soup with the ingredients and let it boil until it is cooked well. Put the soup dumplings in a commercially available Chinese soup in a frozen state and warm it until it is cooked. You can add vegetables if you like.

You can also wrap the dumplings or grilled dumplings in cabbage and boil them in your favorite sauce until they are cooked to make them look like cabbage rolls. Put melted cheese on the cooked grilled dumplings and bake in an oven toaster to make "cheese dumplings".

By the way, the method of repairing torn or roasted dumplings is to make thick water-soluble potato starch, apply it to the holes and cracks, and cool it in the freezer until it hardens. This will block the dough and prevent the soup from leaking.

Since the product is an outlet product, it will be delivered in simple packaging.