Hamazushi with "Dalgona Coffee" "Tapioca Dalgona Coffee"

The 100-yen sushi chain "Hama Sushi" sells two types of coffee drinks, "Dargona Coffee" and "Tapioca Dargona Coffee," which are popular on SNS.

Dalgona coffee is a drink that originated in South Korea, with fluffy whipped coffee on top of pure white milk. It is named because it tastes similar to Korean honeycomb toffee called "Dalgona", and it has a cute appearance and is easy to make.

At Hamazushi, as one of the "Hama Cafe" series, the slightly bittersweet coffee whipped cream prepared in the store is tailored so that you can enjoy it with milk as if it were a dessert. The selling price is 250 yen per cup (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Hamazushi with "Dargona Coffee" and "Tapioca Dalgona Coffee"
Dalgona coffee

In addition, this Dalgona coffee and tapioca tapioca coffee, which you can enjoy the popular brown sugar tapioca with a chewy texture, are also available at a selling price of 350 yen.

Hamazushi with "Dargona Coffee" and "Tapioca Dalgona Coffee"
Tapioca Dalgona Coffee

Both are sold at 517 Hamazushi stores nationwide and will end as soon as they are sold out. It is expected to be on sale until early September.