"Flight that I intended to go to Okinawa" to Grano Life

"Okinawa Going Flight", which is packed with popular products limited to the Okinawa area, was released in limited quantities on July 16th at Calbee's official online shop "Grano Life".

This product was developed with the intention that people who cannot go to Okinawa can enjoy the feeling of going to Okinawa as much as possible. Popular Okinawa area limited products of "Calbee Plus" "Umipote" "Kamaage Chips Juicy-Aji", Okinawa Prefecture's popular souvenir "Birapote" (2 boxes), "Jagabee Okinawa Shikuwasa Aji" In addition to "Calbee Plus" limited popular product "Jaga Crispy Inca Awakening Ishigaki Salty" etc. are packed.

In addition, the original "Shuri Castle Reconstruction Support Keychain" devised by the staff of "Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusaidori" in hopes of the reconstruction of Shuri Castle, a World Heritage Site in Okinawa that was destroyed by fire in 2019, is also included. .. 100 yen will be donated to Okinawa Prefecture for each key chain. In addition, as an original miscellaneous item, a lid for the cup-type "Jagarico" finished with an Okinawan design is also included in the set. A free voucher for "Pote Riko" that can be used at "Calbee Plus" nationwide is also included.

A set of 8 products (6 sweets + 2 original goods) is sold at a regular price of 5,417 yen, but 30% off at 3,792 yen (tax included). Ships sequentially from August 3rd, free shipping on purchase of 2 sets. It will end as soon as it is sold out.