Capricciosa "Spaghetti with tomato and garlic-summer spicy version-"

From the casual Italian restaurant "Capricciosa", "Tomato and garlic spaghetti-summer spicy version-", which has increased the spiciness of the most popular menu "Tomato and garlic spaghetti" since its establishment, has been made more exciting and enjoyable. It will be released on July 18th. The price is 1,090 yen (excluding tax). The spiciness is 1 to 3 spicy.

"Spaghetti with tomato and garlic" has been the undisputed No. 1 menu since its establishment. When it comes to garlic spaghetti, Ario Orio Peperoncino, which uses olive oil and chili peppers, is typical, but Capricciosa is based on tomato sauce.

"Spaghetti with tomato and garlic-summer spicy version-" is a more exciting dish with increased spiciness of the popular menu "Spaghetti with tomato and garlic".

The lineup of spiciness is as follows.

・ 1 spicy: The usual spicy pasta is even more delicious with a pleasant spiciness! A new discovery of deliciousness that will leave you behind.
・ 2 Spicy: It's irresistible for spicy food lovers! A hot stimulus that also opens pores.
・ 3 spicy: The ultimate in spiciness! Challenge the limit of spiciness that you can taste the flavor of tomato and garlic!