Kappa Sushi "Super Founding Festival"

At "Kappa Sushi", the "Super Founding Festival" will be held from July 22nd to August 30th. Many great deals such as tuna, salmon roe, and sea urchin will appear.

From July 22nd, 8 items of tuna sushi will be on sale at the same time as "Super Tuna Grand Assembly!" "Hon-tuna Daitoro", which melts as soon as the condensed fat taste is put in your mouth, "Hon-tuna Nakatoro", where you can fully enjoy both lean meat and fat taste, and "Hon-tuna Nakatoro", which is the first appearance You can enjoy "Super Tuna Zammai" where you can enjoy the tuna with one plate. "Tuna's Toro Warship" and "Tuna's Toro Iron Fire" will also appear.

From July 31st, sea urchin and crab sushi will be available as "super-luxury material release!" From August 21st, a special 100-yen sushi will be available as "Super 100-yen sushi !?"

A take-out "Family Super Manpuku Set" will also be on sale. "Extreme set for 5 people", "Extreme hand-rolled sushi set for 3 people", "Extreme leaflet sushi for 3 people" with 6 drinks at a great price.

In addition, you can receive a scratch card if the payment amount of the take-out menu is 3,500 yen (tax included) or more. You can win prizes such as "Business trip conveyor belt sushi".

The prices of the main campaign menus are as follows. All notations are tax-excluded.

Kappa Sushi "Super Founding Festival"

・ "Super Hon Tuna Zammai" 3 pieces 280 yen (Hon Tuna Daitoro, Hon Tuna Naka Toro, Hon Tuna Naka Ochi)
・ "Hon-tuna Daitoro" 1 piece 280 yen ・ "Hon-tuna Nakatoro" 1 piece 180 yen ・ "Hon-tuna medium-fall" 1 piece 100 yen Yen ・ "Hon-tuna Toro Shio Direct Fire Roasted" 1 piece 180 yen ・ "Hon-Tuna Toro Gunkan" 2 pieces 180 yen ・ "Hon-Tuna Toro Iron Fire" 180 yen ・ "Family Super Manpuku Set" 12,000 yen Set 5 servings, Extreme hand-rolled sushi set 3 servings, Extreme Michirashi sushi 3 servings, 6 drinks)