Ministop Fruit Ice MEGA

"Fruit Ice MEGA" is on sale from July 10th at each Ministop store. A product that doubles the amount of flesh in the "Halo-halo Fruit Ice" series.

A big size version of "Fruit Ice" that uses sliced frozen fruit instead of ice. Frozen fruit is used twice as much as usual, and you can enjoy a volume of over 300g including a cup. As with regular fruit ice, it is served in combination with soft serve vanilla. Three kinds of melon, strawberry and white peach are developed.

The lineup and prices are as follows. Price does not include tax.

Fruit ice MEGA melon 518 yen [br /] Sliced frozen fruit with a sweet yet refreshing aftertaste of melon syrup.

Fruit ice MEGA strawberry 518 yen [br /] Sliced frozen fruit with condensed milk flavored syrup. The flavor and sweetness of condensed milk go well with the acidity of strawberries.

Fruit ice MEGA white peach 518 yen [br /] Syrup using white peach juice from Yamanashi prefecture is added to sliced frozen fruit. A sweet yet refreshing aftertaste.