Seijo Ishii store limited "original parfait menu"
Seijo Ishii store limited "original parfait menu" renewal!

The store-limited "original parfait menu" has been renewed at Seijo Ishii. There are 3 types of strawberry and mango.

The renewed parfait is as follows. The selling price is 399 yen (excluding tax).

・ "Homemade baked pudding and Amaou strawberry soft serve parfait"
・ "Homemade mango pudding and mango soft serve ice cream parfait"
・ "Homemade coffee jelly tiramisu-style soft serve parfait"

All of them are topped with soft serve ice cream made from Seijo Ishii milk and topped with a popular plain sable made from all butter. In addition, oatmeal, walnuts and raisins are sweetened with Canadian maple syrup and homemade granola roasted with olive oil is added to create a taste that is perfect for everyday heat.

Seijo Ishii "Original Parfait Menu"
Homemade desserts are used

The target stores are as follows. There will be 3 locations in Tokyo and 1 location in Chiba.

・ Seijo Ishii Tokyo Dome La Coeur Store ・ Seijo Ishii Minami Machida Grandberry Park Store ・ SEIJO ISHII STYLE Trie Keio Chofu Store
・ SEIJO ISHII STYLE Atre Shin-Urayasu store