Bite cheese tart "Pablo Mini" and "Setouchi Lemon"
Pablo Mini with early summer limited flavor "Setouchi Lemon"!

From the freshly baked cheese tart specialty store "PABLO mini", a small palm-sized cheese tart "PABLO mini" Setouchi Lemon "" will be released. It will be on sale for a limited time from June 1st.

The size is 6 cm in diameter, and the selling price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece. A refreshing cheese tart with Setouchi lemon for the coming season.

Pablo Mini "Setouchi Lemon"
Palm-sized cheese tart

Cheese dough is poured into a crispy tart base and baked until it is slightly browned. On top of that, plenty of lemon confiture from Setouchi is placed.

It has a crisp, refreshing acidity and a slight bitterness, and is characterized by a taste that makes the best use of the original taste of lemon. It is a cool dish suitable for early summer, where you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and the sweet and sour scent.

Pablo Mini "Setouchi Lemon"
Refreshing taste like early summer

It will be on sale from June 1st to July 31st at all PABLO mini stores. Specifically, "Aeon Mall Sapporo Cold Store" "Wing Shimbashi Store" "Akihabara Store" "Honatsugi Milord Store" "Esite Takasaki Store" "Keyaki Walk Maebashi Store" "The Mall Sendai Nagamachi Store" "Nagoya Sakaechika Store" "Aeon Mall Otaka Store" "LaLaport Izumi Store" "Aeon Mall Hiroshima Fuchu Store" "Amu Plaza Hakata Store" "Aeon Mall Miyazaki Store" "Yume Town Hikari no Mori Store".

In addition, some stores of the freshly baked cheese tart specialty store "PABLO" will also be on sale from June 1st to 30th on the cafe menu and takeout. Specifically, "Round One Sapporo Shiroishi Hondori Store", "Koshigaya Lake Town mori Store", "Kanazawa Morinosato Store", and "Shinsaibashi Store".

Both PABLO mini and PABLO will be available as soon as they are closed at stores that are closed.