Potato Chips Salted Egg Flavor

From Calbee, a new product "Potato Chips Salted Egg Flavor" that reproduces the potato chips of the flavor "Salted Egg Flavor" that is popular overseas has appeared. It will be sold in limited quantities and for a limited time from May 25th at all FamilyMart stores nationwide (scheduled to end in late June). The estimated price is 158 yen (tax included).

"Potato Chips Salted Egg Flavor" is a flavor of "Salted Egg Flavor" that is characterized by the flavor of salted eggs. It is a flavor that has become an explosive hit overseas, especially in Asia, and was developed because it has been gaining attention in Japan in recent years.

While maintaining the rich and impactful egg flavor and addictive taste of salted eggs that are popular overseas, we have realized a taste that is easy to eat by trial and error to suit the taste of Japanese people. The shape of the potato chips is a thin slice type that goes well with the rich flavor, and parsley flakes are used as an accent. It has a crispy texture and is finished in a delicious taste that you can eat without thinking.

The base color of the package is black and yellow, which allows you to imagine an egg at a glance. By designing the chicken character, it is devised to give a cute impression.